It’s not a secret that I am beauty obsessed. If you follow me on Instagram then you know how nuts I am about eyeshadows. I’m not sure how it all started and why I love collecting eyeshadow palettes so much, but it became my passion to buy them, collect, swatch and compare.

After testing over 50 eyeshadow palettes, I have an idea of what formula works best for me and what brands are my favourite. However, I still love testing new products and indie brands, and therefore, in today’s post we are going to dive into Glam Shop Turbo Pigments, which were recently released.

About Glam Shop

Glam Shop is a Polish company producing and selling eyeshadows, makeup brushes and accessories. All of theirs products are made in Poland and are not tested on animals. It is available only through their Polish website but they do deliver abroad.

Price and delivery

I ordered my turbo pigments earlier this month and got them after 2 weeks time. Delivery from Poland to the UK cost me around £7. Each pigment is available for £5 which I consider to be very affordable.


Their formula is definitely something that I haven’t tried and haven’t had in my collection before. It’s very silky and soft when touched. It’s packed with tons of reflects and once applied it almost looks wet. The consistency is not smooth like matte eyeshadows or shimmers. To me, it’s more like a collection of different coloured little sparkles which were pressed together. You have to be very gentle when applying these pigments, as they are very soft and could crumble.

Some pigments are very rich in colour, some are more of a topper giving a beautiful sparkle to eyeshadow underneath. All of the turbo pigments have unique and unusual undertone which is hard to describe because it changes depending on the light.


I decided to purchase 10 of 41 available turbo pigments. Down below you can check my swatches which I created using SwatchPerfect stencils.

Vegas Bis – in the pan it looks like brown but once the light hits it, it reflects purple, deep red, light blue and mint green

Blyskotka – it’s a yellow gold with a bit of a green reflects

Turbo Mieta – green with silver and gold reflects

Herbarz – copper with gold reflects

Zorza – light purple/lavender with green gold reflects

Globalny Glam – it’s like a light, pinky brown with bright pink reflects

Steryd – light brown base with gold and green gold reflects

Diamentowy – light beige with silver reflects

Turbo Sniezka – it reflects purple and pink

Top Nude – peach with gold reflects

What do I think about turbo pigments?

Overall, I am very impressed about these products. They are very unusual and I’m happy to have it in my collection. I’m very excited to use them as they are so unique that I’m sure everyone will ask me what do I have on my eyelids. I love to use them on their own or on top of other eyeshadows for that extra sparkle. They reflect so much light that it’s almost blinding. I think they perform best when applied with fingers or on top of NYX glitter glue if you want them to really pop. Some of the shadows (e.g. Vegas Bis) are softer and less pressed so you need to be careful not to crumble the pigment.

I would definitely recommend you trying them out as I’m sure you haven’t seen anything so shiny like this before. They are very simple to use and it’s not messy like other pigments (e.g. the ones in the jar). They will be perfect for a party but also to brighten up your inner corner or just to bring your makeup look on another level.

How do you like these pigments? Would you like to try them? Which colour is your favourite?