Winter is a beautiful season of the year but it can also be depressing. Short days and long nights definitely make us less productive and demotivated. But hey, it’s spring time now and it’s time to wake up from this long winter dream!

Who’s favourite season is spring? Definitely mine. As much as I love cold, rain and snow (as a proper #winterbaby), nothing compares to blooming trees, singing birds and squirrels running around my garden.

This year, I feel like I hibernated way too hard. In December, I stopped doing all my work – I’ve disappeared from my beauty Instagram for over a month, and I’ve stopped studying for even longer. I was eating really unhealthy food and spending all my days at home or work, which made me gain even more unnecessary kilograms than I’ve already had.

I started feeling that I’m loosing control over my own life. Everyday I felt annoyed and tired even though I wasn’t doing anything. Every evening I would decide to “change my life” – as I liked saying. But then, every morning, I would wake up late and come to conclusion that there’s no point starting studying or creating content for my Instagram because it will be dark soon anyway, so why not just chill…

I knew that this has to change – and I really wanted it to, but I didn’t know how. I was done complaining everyday about my life, because I knew that all of this is my choice.

Something changed when my dog sadly passed away. Part of my daily routine was gone forever, and I desperately needed to replace that emptiness, otherwise I would lose my mind. That’s when I started changing myself, my daily routine and my approach to life.

If you’re also struggling with winter blues or just feel demotivated and lost, I hope you’ll find my guide useful.

Change your diet

Winter makes us crave a lot of sugar and carbohydrates like bread and pasta. This can make you feel sleepy and heavy, and all you will want to do is nap. As we are leaving winter season far behind, it is important that you don’t take these unhealthy choices with you. Find a diet that you’ll be able to enjoy and stick to, and which will provide you with healthy nutrients. I decided to start KETO diet – low carb, high fat and moderate proteins. I dumped sugar, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes… all the food that I used to love but I knew that are making me feel less energetic and focused. Instead, I consume more healthy fats: avocados, eggs, nuts and fish. I’ve tried many diets in my life, as I’ve been struggling with extra kilograms for literally forever, but none of them gave me as much satisfaction and happiness as KETO. So my advice would be: find a diet that fit your needs the most, as it will be easier for you to follow it and stick to it. Also, doing a meal preparation will motivate you to get up from the bed, and that’s the plan – right?

Be more active

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of making promises to lose weight once the new year begins *raises her hand*. I will join the gym, I will start going for a walk every morning/evening… Yeah, it never happened. I honestly can’t remember how many times I put “be more active” in my new year resolutions. With no effect, obviously. Until now, because spring is the perfect time to implement a little workout into your daily routine. Even if it’s just few exercises or a walk around your neighbourhood, it will help your body to release endorphins which will trigger a positive feeling and reduce the stress. You don’t believe me? Try it!

Get more daylight

No more sunsets at 4pm! The days are longer and warmer, and you should really take advantage of it. Personally, I love spring – it’s not too cold, not too hot. The air is fresh and you can feel how everything is waking up to life. Have a nice walk in the park or just around your neighbourhood. Listen to singing birds, look at jumping squirrels on the blooming trees. What’s important is that daylight will help your body to stop the production of the sleep hormone (melatonin), which means you will feel more energetic and motivated. Trust me, after a nice day outside you’ll be much more productive!

Find something that motivates you

Think of something that you have always wanted to do. Maybe sign up for a dance classes, start a course or start writing a blog? Now it’s the time to make this happen. I created this page couple of months ago but just now decided to finally start posting. Like I mentioned before, I needed something new in my daily routine and I thought that writing a blog is a perfect choice. It makes me more productive; I wake up thinking of the content I want to create, pictures I want to take and topics I want to talk about. It gives me reason to leave my house on my days off and to explore the beautiful city that I live in. So, what motivates you?

Try to be more organised and set your goals

“Let’s change our lives!” – I used to tell my boyfriend every day. I would feel this sudden motivation like I can move mountains, but once I would start thinking about how to change my life, I would feel depressed again. Why? Because I didn’t have any plan, I wasn’t organised. Every day was different, yet still the same. I knew what I wanted but that was a distant future. All I could see was the finished goal, but I couldn’t see the process of achieving it.

I decided to make a plan. My first goal was to take my Instagram on another level. I sat down, and wrote a realistic step by step plan on how I want to achieve it. I invested in a nice stationary from CGD London – a “Getting Stuff Done” diary and the “Weekly Schedule” which helped me become more organised and plan my content efficiently.

I’m still implementing all of these changes into my life, but the important lesson I’ve learnt this year so far is not to rush myself. Don’t change everything at once. Start step by step, and once you’ll get used to this one little change, add another one. Trying to change everything in one day will only demotivate you again and make you frustrated. So trust yourself and your timing – you’re not too late.


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