instagram engagament social media tips

Is your Instagram engagement dropping? I’ve been there. It hurts to spend hours creating content that no one sees. Today, I’m sharing with you my top 10 captions to boost your engagement and spark conversations. Let me know which one is your favourite!

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  1. What is your favourite ______ [cream blush, eyeshadow palette, lipgloss]?
  2. Which one do you prefer: cream blush or powder brush?
  3. What’s the first/last step in your makeup routine?
  4. Favourite [makeup product] of the week: ______.
  5. Storytime: my biggest makeup fail.
  6. Here’s a friendly reminder to ______.
  7. If you’re NOT ______, READ THIS 👇.
  8. Am I the only one who ______?
  9. How often do you ______? [exfoliate, reapply SPF during the day]
  10. “______”. Said no one ever.