If I lost it all, what would I repurchase?

If I lost it all, what would I repurchase?

Let’s be honest: beauty industry doesn’t know when to stop. We are constantly flooded with new products and collaborations, and brands heartlessly make us want to snug it all. We end up having 20 different foundations, 53 eyeshadow palettes (which all look kind of similar), and no space in our vanity. I mean, does anyone actually need that much makeup? Over the years, I collected a ridiculous amount of makeup myself (yes, I am guilty). I have products I bought impulisively that I have never even used, and I don’t remember owning. But what if I lost it all? What would I repurchase first? Here are my top 10 products that I would get again without any hasitation

It took me probably 6 years to find my perfect foundation. But first, let me introduce you to my skin: very dry with occasional dry patches on my nose and between my eyebrows. No acne issues, no visible pores; small breakouts appear before my period. I tend to get red very easily around my cheeks, so that’s basically the only area on my face that I require more coverage.

I consider myself to be fairly lucky; I do like my skin. However, dryness can be a huge issue when it comes to finding my perfect foundation. A lot of the ones I have tried before were making me look flakey and cakey – and that’s really not the look I am going for.

That’s when IT COSMETICS came to the rescue. Their Illuminating CC+ Cream gives me everything I am looking for: medium to full coverage, illuminating finish and sun protection. Because it is enriched with anti-aging serum, it really helps to keep my face moistured all day long, so no more dry patches for me. Thanks, It Cosmetics!

You whether love cream contour or hate it. I am obviously on the love side and even though my obsession with cream products started after purchasing Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix, I tend to reach for my Milk Makeup Bronzer more often. I absolutely love this stuff! It’s so easy to use and it gives you the most natural sun-kissed look ever.

Whenever I am in a rush or just don’t want to do a full face makeup, I put a little bit of cream bronzer and blush, and I am ready to go. So yes, I would definitely repurchase this one.

Hands down, one of the best products I have ever purchased. At first, I was a little bit sceptical becasue of its high price tag. Why would anyone pay this much for a liquid highlighter; it’s going to get patchy anyway – I was thinking. Girl, no. It’s not.

This is so much more than just a liquid highlighter, and I quote:

I love to use Hollywood Flawless Filter underneath my foundation to glow from within. Paired with my favourite foundation (It Cosmetics Illuminating CC+ Cream) and cream contour (Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer) is my go-to look. So easy and effortless.

If you will ever get this product, be prepared to be asked what’s on your face.

If you are a dry skin girl like me then you know what I mean by love & hate relationship with a powder. If you will put a little bit too much, you will end up looking like a mummy. It also depends from the powder you’re using; some tend to dry you down even more than you already are. That’s why when I say you need to try Charlotte Tilbury’s powder, you better trust me, because if I lost it, I would repurchase it next second.

No other powder gives me such a flawless finish. Since I learnt a little bit more about my skin type, I don’t set my whole face anymore. I only put it under my eyes and in my t-zone. It has a little bit of coverage so even the lightest shade darkens up my under eye, but you know what? I don’t care, because thanks to it, my foundation doesn’t rub off underneath my glasses anymore.

I used to hate doing my eyebrows. I could never get that Instagram look that was so in fashion. Sometimes I would do a nice makeup look, and then my eyebrows would literally ruin everything (yes, I do them at the end). Well, not anymore.

I decided to get my hands on Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel after seeing so many YouTubers rave about it. It seemed perfect: fills in your brows and set them in place. Quick and easy. After trying it out, I never went back to pomades. I still use powder products from time to time, especially if I want a full glam makeup look, but on everyday basis this is my go to product. Even if I don’t do my makeup, even if I don’t use my Matte Bronzer… I always make sure to use this bad boy. Anyone else feels like brows just change your whole face?

I like to call it a magic pot, because it could cover a murder.

You may think I am crazy for spending so much money on this little concealer pot (only 18g). But trust me; I usually just barely touch it with the tip of my finger and that amount is more than enough to cover half of my face. A little goes a long way – literally.

I don’t use it daily. Only if I have some massive hormonal break-outs or need more coverage on my red cheeks. This does miracles. It’s so pigmented and blends seamlessly into your skin. Usually full coverage foundations are very matte and dry, but this one is formulated with moisturising jojoba oil and honey. You can use it as a concealer or foundation. It covers everything: dark circles, blemishes, acne, discoloration, redness and hyperpigmentation.

This product is fairly new to my collection but I already know it is a staple. It’s not another boring face palette, although it may seem like. I purchased it because I was on a hunt for something handy. Blush, bronzer and highligter in one – perfect for travelling. But apart from this, Linda Hallberg also offers a beautiful mustard brown and insanely pigmented matte black, which I abolutely love for a smokey eye.

The options with this palette are endless (hence the name, I guess?). The packaging is sleek and super light, and it has a great mirror. I seriously regret, I haven’t purchased it earlier. If you are a makeup artists or just someone who likes to have all in one, I would invest in this one.

Another Linda Hallberg’s product on my list, but as a makeup artists, she knows exaclty what we need. This crayons kit is a must have in everyones makeup collection. It comes in super handy box with a mirror, so you can easily take it wherever you need.

I don’t remember my life before getting these crayons. They are so creamy and blendable, but once they dry down – almost impossible to remove. The creamy formula turns smudge-proof within seconds, so you really need to blend it quickly before it sets to a water-resistant, matte finish (info: BeautyBay).

I love to put them in my water line or on my eyelids as a base for eyeshadows. But you are more than welcome to use them on your lips, body and brows. I highly recommend you watching Linda’s makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel to see how easily and effortlesly she use these crayons to create absolutely stunning looks.

This is such a game changer to me. I use it for almost a year now, and I really doubt I will ever go back to using cotton pads or wipes.

I decided to invest in Face Halo becasue of two reasons:

  1. I was never happy with how cotton pads removed my makeup. I always had some left over eyeliner or mascara that seemed impossible to be removed.
  2. I was terrified by the amount of cotton pads and wipes I was producing, especially when removing full-glam makeup or super colourful look.

Face Halo pads are non toxic, reusable and recyclable. One pad lasts me for about 3 months. It’s easy to use, and all you need is water to remove even water-proof gel liner from Inglot. Once I feel like my pad is all used up and I need to change it for a new one, I keep the old one to clean my brushes (and it works amazing!).

I couldn’t decide which lipstick I would get first: Velvet Teddy or Ruby Woo. Chances are, I would repurchase both of them at the same time but if I would really have to chose, it would be Ruby Woo.

There’s something about this lipstick that makes me feel special. The colour is just perfect for my skin tone, and I just feel super confident and beautiful whenever I wear it. And who wouldn’t want to feel this way?

The lipstick is very dry and hard to apply but once applied, it doesn’t come off, even if you drink and eat oily salad.

So these are the products I would repurchase first, if I lost everything. Let me know what you think about my choices. Can you spot any of your favourites? What would be on your list? Curious what would I repurchase from skin care? Let me know!


Sonia has been blogging since 2007 with a really long break. She is now back to business to share whatever is on her mind. From Monday to Friday she is a community manager at a tech startup company based in London. After hours, she loves to read books and educate herself on everything related to marketing & social media. Her obsession? Coffee and eyeshadow palettes…

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