Life update: where have I been?

Life update: where have I been?

It’s been a while. I’ve tried to write this post so many times, but it seems like I forgot how to type. I can’t believe it’s been months since my last post. Where does the time go? It’s like when you take a casual afternoon nap, and then you wake up few hours later asking yourself: how many centuries have passed?!

So, last September I changed my job and decided it’s time to take a break from social media to focus on my new responsabilites and get used to my new routine. That was probably the last time you’ve seen me consistently active. I tried to put some new content every now and then on my Instagram, but I haven’t engaged with you at all.

I really missed it, though. I feel like we had a small community of beauty enthusiasts supporting each other – and that was nice! I feel like Instagram has changed quite a lot since then. I’ve seen so much more negativity and drama, and let me tell you know: I am not here for it. I am all about positivity, good vibes and spreading love, so it was really heartbreaking to see so many talented women fighting with each other…

Ever since I changed my job, I’ve been thinking more and more about changing my blog niche. All because I don’t really have time to do my makeup anymore. Also, I’m trying to buy (a lot!) less products.

I would really love to get back into writing more lifestyle related content. I love sharing my daily life and random thoughts with you! If you follow me from the begining then you might remember that this is what I used to do. Even back in 2007, I used to blog about my life, daily struggles at school and what not (note: I was 12 years old).

I used to stress a lot about my niche. Everyone was saying that I need one specific topic to focus so I chose beauty, because that’s what I was the most passionate about at that time. But I’ve heard a really interesting point recently: you are your niche. You can blog about anything that interests you. You don’t need to narrow it down. Just be yourself and talk about all of your passions – and that’s the advice I want to follow.

I know that changing my niche means I will loose some of you, and that’s okay. I don’t want you to follow something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest, but I need to follow my heart and my passions. 

I don’t want to produce content that I don’t enjoy anymore. I mean, I still love beauty and I will still post a lot of product photography, reviews and maybe even makeup looks, but it feels right to post more lifestyle content now. Let’s say, I’m finally growing up, haha.

Especially now, when we are all in a quarantine, we can really focus on our wellbeing. We can learn more about ourselves. I am definitely planning on reading more books, improving my health and my diet, expanding my knowledge about marketing and many more (depending on how long we are going to be in a lockdown – hopefully not for long!). But that’s the journey I would like to share with you.

So what content can you expect from Go For Simplicity now?

I will still continue to write about beauty and publish product photography on my Instagram. I will also focus on healthy eating and meal ideas (which might be usefull for anyone who wants to balance their hormones or just try something different). 

I want to give you insights on working in a startup: its pros & cons; big city life and worth visiting places in London. I would also like to include more personal content, talk about my health struggles that maybe other people can relate to as well. Basically, I want to write about anything that interests me.

Let me know how it sounds! I am open for any suggestions, so feel free to drop me your ideas on what content you would like to see from me.

Thanks for reading & stay safe.


Sonia has been blogging since 2007 with a really long break. She is now back to business to share whatever is on her mind. From Monday to Friday she is a community manager at a tech startup company based in London. After hours, she loves to read books and educate herself on everything related to marketing & social media. Her obsession? Coffee and eyeshadow palettes…

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