Weekend notes & quick update

Weekend notes & quick update

I’m back. I know I have said that before, but literally right after my last post we went into a quarantine and a lot has changed. Overall, I would say I am doing really well. Working from home with everyone around me was a bit hard at the beginning, but now I am so used to it that sometimes I don’t even hear my boyfriend talking to me (focus level: expert).

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like work got busier than before. Literally everyday, I have so much on my agenda that sometimes I forget to eat so I can finish everything on time.

Unfortunately, this didn’t make me lose any weight (lol). I actually gained a little bit more. I blame my mom and her baking obsession. She says it’s like a therapy to her, but for us it’s some extra, unnecessary kilograms that I need to get rid of ASAP.

Diet gone wrong

Every time I decide to go back on my diet and exercise, my mom is making another cake (today she made a chocolate Oreo cheesecake with forest fruits) and my boyfriend is cooking delicious pasta (he is Italian, so you need to understand – I have no choice).

I thought being in quarantine will make my diet easier. You know, I can eat anytime I want, I can cook what I want and keep it healthy… In reality, it turned out I don’t have time for any of this. Can someone explain how did I have more time when I had to take train everyday to and from work, one hour each way? I could go gym after work and prepare lunch for the next day. Overall, I had everything under control. Now it’s so easy to fall of the wagon.

Back to books

One good thing, though, I’m reading more books. I fell in love with books again. It all started randomly. I was watching some videos and thought that maybe I could reread the Twilight Saga (yeah). I ordered it on Amazon and I basically finish all four book in 3 weeks.

Yesterday, I finished a book called “I am watching you” by Teresa Driscoll. It was a great read; I finished it in one day. If you would like me start writing book reviews, let me know. I could definitely do that.

I ordered some more books yesterday, so I hope they will arrive soon. I like how it keeps me away from my phone and iPad. It doesn’t make me feel brain dead, like I’m just looking at my screen pointlessly, scrolling through Instagram and TikTok.

New beginning

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday and I think it’s time to start everything from scratch again. I desperately need to go back on keto and low carb eating. I’m so tired of feeling tired and heavy. Maybe it would be easier for me to stick to it if I would start writing more keto related content, recipes and diary. I would feel responsible and obligated.

Let me know what you think and how are you all doing. Stay safe!


Sonia has been blogging since 2007 with a really long break. She is now back to business to share whatever is on her mind. From Monday to Friday she is a community manager at a tech startup company based in London. After hours, she loves to read books and educate herself on everything related to marketing & social media. Her obsession? Coffee and eyeshadow palettes…

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